Managing Directories, Files, and Disks in the ESX Service Console

Posted on 6:08 PM by Bharathvn

Without a graphical interface to use creating, managing, and deleting files and directories will
have to be done in the console session. The following commands provide basic instruction on
moving, copying, creating, and deleting files and directories.

mv Used to move or rename files.
Example 1: mv oldfile newfile
Example 2: mv file1 /newfolder/file1

cp Used to copy directories or files. Can be used to rename a file during the copy process.
-f to force the copy
-p to copy the permissions
Example 1: cp file1 /newdocs/file1
Example 2: cp file1 /newdocs/file2

rm Used to remove files and directories.
-f to force the removal
Example: rm -f /olddirectory

rmdir Used to remove empty directories.
Example: rmdir

touch Used to create a new file or change file access and modification time.
Example: touch mynewfile.txt

fdisk Used to manage disk partitions.

mount Used to mount CD-ROM or floppy drives.
Example: mount /mnt/cdrom