Vmware tools fails with error missing freeBSD library

Posted on 12:54 AM by Bharathvn

VMware Tools fails to start due to missing FreeBSD library


If VMware Tools does not start after you install it, you might need to install a library that is missing because you do not have a full installation of FreeBSD 4.5.


Before you begin, make sure you have the FreeBSD 4.5 installation CD or access to the ISO image file.

To install the missing FreeBSD library
  1. Reboot the guest operating system.
  2. On the guest, in an X terminal, enter the following command to start the VMware Tools control panel:
    vmware-toolbox &
    If the following error message appears, the required library was not installed:
    Shared object 'libc.so.3' not found.
  3. Insert and mount the FreeBSD 4.5 installation CD or access the ISO image file.
  4. Change directories and run the installation script:
    cd /cdrom/compat3x