Installing the Performance Overview Plug-In in VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 4

Posted on 2:01 PM by Bharathvn


Performance Overview is an optional plug-in available with VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 4. If the Performance Overview plug-in is installed, the Performance Overview tab in the VirtualCenter displays a single view of key performance metrics for CPU, memory, disk, and network without navigating through multiple charts.

Prior to installing the Performance Overview plug-in:
  1. Copy the VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 4 build to the VirtualCenter Server system. Example: Copy CD contents to the VirtualCenter's local disk.

    : If the contents of the folders vpx\perfCharts (iso) or bin\perfCharts (ZIP) are not copied to the local drive of the VirtualCenter Server, an Access Denied error appears when the install.bat command is run later in the installation process.

  2. If you are upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 4, stop the VMware Infrastructure Web Access service before upgrading the VirtualCenter.
  3. Install or upgrade to VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 4 and start the VMware Infrastructure Web Access service.
  4. Download Java SE Development Kit 6u11, and install JDK 1.6.
  5. Configure the environment variables:

    1. Right-click My Computer and click Properties.
    2. In the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.
    3. In the System variable list, select Path and click Edit.
    4. In Variable value, append C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_11\bin\

      If an older version of JRE is present, run the following command in the command window:

      set path=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_11\bin\;%path%

      Note: The above command is an example. It replaces your current path. If your path already has links, you have to append to the list.

    5. In the System variable list, select JAVA_HOME and click Edit.
      If JAVA_HOME does not exist, click New and in the Variable name, enter JAVA_HOME.
    6. In Variable value, enter C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_11
    7. Log out and log back in to the VirtualCenter Server.
To install the Performance Overview plug-in:
  1. In the command window of VirtualCenter Server system, go to the vpx/perfCharts folder, the location where the Performance Overview plug-in is available.
    If you are using the ZIP file, go to the bin\perfCharts folder.
  2. Run install.bat