PHPMotion Installation Tricks

Posted on 10:18 AM by Bharathvn

The following instructions only apply to Version 2 of PHPmotion. For V1 please refer to the instructions provided inside the downloaded zip file

1. Download the the zipped file from PHPmotion, the version for PHP 5.x is the one which will work on our servers:

2. Unzip the files on your computer
3. Using your web hosting control panel, create a mysql database and write down the details of the database once created
4. Upload all the phpmotion files into your FTP folder
5. CHMOD all the following files and directories to 777

* /pictures
* /classes
* /temp
* /logs
* /addons
* /uploads
* /uploads/avi
* /uploads/thumbs
* /uploads/audio
* /uploads/audio/temp
* /uploads/pictures

6. CHMOD all the following files and directories to 755
* /cgi-bin/all files in there
* /cgi-bin/audio/all files in there

7. Start the installation wizard by going to http://YOUDOMAIN.COM/setup (replace with your real domain name)


1. The following files MUST be uploaded in BINARY mode. Your FTP program will have an option for this
* /classes/config.php
* /watchingnow.php
* /mp3_id3_utils.php