Linux Non-PostScript printers

Posted on 6:54 PM by Bharathvn

Unfortunately, most printers are non-PostScript compatible. This means that your LPR program won't like it.
You will probably notice that when you first use 'lpr' to print, the output looks weird on your printer. This is because these models do not support PostScript. You will need a converting program for it.

Note that newer versions of RedHat already have those programs or similar filters so it may not apply to all Linux systems.

First, you need to go read the Printing HOWTO to find out how to use lpr and related printing programs.

Then, you'll need to get 2 programs from
· bjf
· aps
These are the filters to convert text and PostScript to your printer's format.

First, install bjf which will be used to print text. Installation is very simple. type:

cp bjf /bin/bjf

Then, make a simple shell script to print text files and call it

/bin/bjf <$1> /dev/lp0

Where /dev/lp0 is your printer.

Now, install aps by running the SETUP script in its package. It's really easy to setup, but you do need to have the GhostScript program installed prior to installation. You are now ready to print PostScript files from, for example, Netscape or XV.

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