How would I use yum to update or install packages from a ISO of Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5

Posted on 1:32 PM by Bharathvn


In order to use yum to install or update packages from an iso file, follow the steps below: -

  1. Create directories to mount the iso file.

    #mkdir -p /cdrom/iso

  2. Mount the iso as loopback device.

    #mount -o loop /cdrom/iso

    Replace with the iso file.

  3. Create a repository. The createrepo package needs to be installed on the system in order to run the following commands. createrepo is an optional package and is not installed by default.

    #cd /cdrom
    #createrepo .
    #yum clean all

  4. Create a file /etc/yum.repos.d/file.repo as follows:

    #cat /etc/yum.repos.d/file.repo
    [RHEL 5 Repository]

Running yum should now work with the iso file as the source.