Annoying boot messages

Posted on 5:30 PM by Bharathvn

When recompiling your kernel, you might end up seeing strange messages on bootup like:

modprobe: cannot find net-pf-5
modprobe: cannot find char-major-14

These are messages from the modules loader telling you that he can't find specific modules. This usualy happens when you compile modules, but modprobe tries to load modules that were not compiled and it can't find them. The way to remove those messages is to set the modules to off.

In the file /etc/conf.modules you

may want to add:
alias net-pf-5 off
alias char-major-14 off
This will stop modprobe from trying to load them. Of course you could also try to resove the problem by compiling the modules and make sure modprobe knows where they are.