Firewall Interview Questions

Posted on 10:36 PM by Bharathvn

  1. Can you define what a FIREWALL is?
  2. What are the different types of firewalls?
  3. Can you explain packet filtering firewall?
  4. Can you explain circuit level gateway?
  5. Can you explain stateful inspection?
  6. What is Application Gateway?
  7. Is NAT a firewall?
  8. Are personal firewall actually firewalls?
  9. Can you explain the concept of demilitarized zone?
  10. What is the meaning of bastion host?
  11. What are the different types of firewall architectures?
  12. Can you explain dual home architecture?
  13. Can you explain screened host architecture?
  14. Can you explain screened subnet architecture?
  15. What is the use of perimeter area?
  16. What is IP spoofing and how can it be prevented?
  17. Which firewall have you worked with?